Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canon Rebel XSi has a new Rival - Nikon D3000

The Canon Rebel XSi continues to draw lots of traffic and sales. The main competitor to the Rebel has always been the two Nikon entry level DSLRs, the D40 and the D60. The Nikon D40 has been extremely popular right from its original release. Now, Nikon is pulling the manufacturing plug on the D40. The replacement is the Nikon D3000.
I'm guessing that the D3000 is going to take over right where the D40 is leaving off. Nikon has purposely brought their new "cheap" camera in at a price point below the Rebel XSi. The D3000 with the 18-55mm kit lens is being advertised at $599 while the Rebel XSi continues to sell for about $650.
Of course there is still the age old Canon/Nikon debate that will keep many of the proponents of either Nikon or Canon from jumping ship to go over to the "other side", no matter how good the newest release is.
Personally, I struggled with that decision before buying my first Rebel, but I am in no way a naysayer of the Nikon brand. Some of the world's best photographers are using Nikon (Moose Peterson is my very favorite) while others use Canon, and yet others use some of the less popular brands of cameras and still manage to come up with great photos.
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