Saturday, May 15, 2010

Canon Rebel T2i - THE Very Best Rebel

Canon has hit a homer with the Canon Rebel T2i (aka 550D)!

The entry level digital SLR is getting rave testimonials just about everywhere in the digital photography community. It is being identified as the greatest sub-$1000 dslr camera now available to buy.

What on earth is all the excitement about? Photography gurus and consumers alike are excited about this brand new little digital SLR camera... Why?

This opinion is not backed by official data, but it appears that the set of features of the new Rebel is just like another recent launch in the Canon line-up, the 7D, at roughly one-half the price.

Yes, there are some dissimilarities that are responsible for the price discrepancy, but unless you are an really critical expert, it would be difficult to tell the discrepancy in images and video between these two digital SLR cameras.

Fulfillment from the total photographic experience is arguably the number one motive for getting a new Canon Rebel T2i. . The convenience of using the controls to command your digital camera to get the exact image you desire. Whether you want to manage the depth of field or get a great action shot of your most popular sport, it is possible with this fantastic Dslr camera.

Here's something extraordinary.. No more waiting for the camera to make up its mind to finally "snap" the image, seemingly ages after you pushed the shutter button.

Digital SLR buyers are really excited about the addition of video. And in the 550D, the quality of the video output is significantly enhanced. Video is a comparatively new addition to DSLR cameras, and the first few cameras that had video did not do it that well. Today, with the 550D video has reached a level that is rather remarkable. Compact digital camera owners who resisted getting a DSLR camera simply because of the lack of video are now finding a compelling rationale to finally move up to a DLSR.

Another enhanced element is the low light picture capability. Digital SLR cameras have always had the capacity to produce much better images than digital compact cameras, particularly in low light situations. Then again, in the past the photos taken at higher ISO settings (which is required in low light) have suffered from high noise levels, particularly over the 800 ISO level. But now it is possible to create totally acceptable images at ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 with the Canon Rebel T2i. This is a key plus for folks who like to take photos at indoor events or at night.

A fantastic way to discover whether a new camera is deserving of your interest is to check with those who have recently actually spent money to buy one. The amount of comments from those people have been on the rise and nearly all are very favorable.

Relevant remarks from 550D buyers:
  1. "Have owned all Rebels except the 500D,and this is easily the best. It's the best small DSLR on the market by a good bit."
  2. "I just got the camera (upgraded from the 300D). I didn't think much of the "Live View" as an option before I bought it. I can see I'll be using this as an advantage... The "quick control" button is going to be game changer for me also, it is much easier to see what all the setting are at and I can make changes from the screen directly."
  3. "I'm impressed with the quality of shots in low-low light, this was using kit lens... After parking an older Rebel (film version) for the digital point and shoots, this camera feel like going home after a long loaded with great features."

Is it time for you to make the switch to a Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR camera? You will have to make your own judgement, but there are very few purchasers who have experienced buyer's remorse with this little gem.

Canon Rebel T2i is truly recognized as the very best Rebel yet.
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