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Canon 60D vs Canon T2i - Digital SLR Shootout - Déjà vu

Canon 60D with articulating LCD
The Canon 60D just splashed onto the US market in August, 2010. Are there enough significant differences to warrant a Canon 60D vs Canon T2i digital shootout? You may be surprised as you read this article.

It is a bold move for Canon to place a camera with the 60D name in a place that should have been reserved for an upgrade to the Canon 50D. Since it is not a true upgrade in the most technical sense.

The Canon 60D does, however, fit the position into which it is being targeted. Engineers have been working overtime throughout the past year, and it is apparently paying off "in spades" as the Canon T2i and the Canon 7D have done extremely well against all challengers.

Canon 60D vs Canon T2i

Canon 60D vs Canon Rebel T2i

In a head-to-head comparison, the 60D vs T2i is an interesting study. While both use the exact same sensor and processor, as well as the body construction, there are a few differences that make the newer camera worth the extra money.

Just wanted to mention here that video is not one of those added benefits, because the T2i also has outstanding video quality. However, Canon has evidently made video a priority in their new DSLRs. All three of its mid-range DSLR cameras that have been released during the past year have shared video as one of their top features. That being said, there is one added feature to the video package of the 60D. It is an improved audio input system which allows for dual stereo input.

An articulating 3" LCD screen puts the 60D in a class all its own. This is a first for Canon DSLRs. It is a real plus when capturing video and for shooting from unusual positions like really low to the ground or above the head.

Yet another advantage of the 60D vs T2i is the rate of image capture. The 60D can operate at 5.3 fps vs 3.7 fps in the Rebel model.

The new camera also has an electronic level in the viewfinder. This makes it easy to get that horizon straight.

Both the Rebel T2i and the 60D have 9 point auto focus control. However, there is now cross-type auto focus for each of the 9 points in the 60D, while the T2i has only one cross-type auto focus point. Another plus for the new kid on the block.

Wireless flash control and improved control called auto-ISO which makes it easier to change ISO settings on the fly round out the most significant improvements in the Canon 60D.

Canon 60D vs T2i - The Final Word

The Canon T2i is a marvelous camera for the entry level DSLR photographer. Excellent image quality is just one of many reasons for the popularity of the T2i. In fact, the Canon Rebel T2i is among the top 5 best sellers at the online stores. You just can't miss if you decide to buy one.

The Canon 60D, in comparison, may end up being in the same entry level category, since semi-pros might be put off by the "hybridization" of the new model, the more durable magnesium body construction (available in the 50D) being just one example.

So which camera will you choose in the Canon 60D vs Canon Rebel T2i competition? Do you need additional information in order to make up your mind? Visit for a visual side-by-side comparison.

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