Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Flowers - Shoot 'em Now

The newest distraction for many is texting. It's illegal to text and dive.

For me, that's not a problem. But as I was driving yesterday, I realized that there is a seasonal driving hazard. The Spring flowers are so beautiful, they could cause accidents as drivers' eyes (mine) are drawn to them.

It's mid-April here in the Atlanta area, and the pollen count has reached its highest level of the year. Along with that comes the Spring flowers. Starting with daffodils and Bartlett pear trees, we have now progressed into Dogwoods, wisteria, tulips, creeping phlox, and many flowers I can't even identify along the roadsides.

Without a doubt, it is my favorite time of year to be carrying my camera everywhere I go. Below are a few of the photos I snapped during my drive yesterday.

This is pink Dogwood.

Purple Wisteria - ya gotta get it quick, because tomorrow it might be gone.

Cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere.

Tulips are everybody's favorite.

I wish I knew what this is.. my absolute favorite tree flower.

Many more examples at Photography tips for Spring Flower Pictures.

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