Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do you shoot in AUTO mode?

redheaded woodpeckerAUTO mode has always been a feature of point and shoot cameras -the photographer needs little expertise in camera modes to achieve satisfactory focus and exposure. During the last few years, digital cameras have become more popular, and there have been many technological advances and additional shooting modes, however AUTO mode remains the most common setting of many photogs. Research conducted by Canon also reveals that AUTO is one of the most frequently used shooting modes.
So Canon has taken a pro-active step in point and shoot technology, making the Canon Powershot SX200 IS "smarter". Check out my article on Canon Powershot SX digital cameras.

Here is a blurb from dpreview ( on the SX200 IS:
Cameras with IQ
From today Canon are making AUTO mode different. The latest range of Digital Still Camera products launched incorporate a new smart system that uses Scene Detection Technology, which along with other advanced Canon technologies, leads to one of the most comprehensive and clever AUTO modes ever seen on a digital camera. Whilst complex in technology, Smart AUTO still delivers the peace of mind and ease of use for point and shooters that has always been expected from selecting the familiar green icon mode.

With intelligent and integrated use of key functions such as focus, exposure, ISO sensitivity, flash, dynamic range adjustments and Intelligent Contrast Correction, Canon Cameras have never been so smart. Added to these Canon Motion Detection and Face Detection Technology plus advanced Noise Reduction, together with pleasing colour rendition all delivered by the DIGIC 4 processor, mean when selecting AUTO mode on these latest models, users can be assured of the best in image quality even in more challenging shooting conditions.

Smart Auto overview:
Using Scene Detection Technology, Smart AUTO can distinguish parameters allowing the camera to carry out optimum processing for a shot by:

* Detecting people
* Evaluating Distances
* Evaluating Subject and camera movement information
* Analysing Scene Brightness
* Analysing Colour

You have to admit that these are some amazing advances in point and shoot technology. I invite you to take a closer look at my review of both of these AWESOME Canon Powershot SX digital cameras by clicking here.

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