Sunday, May 17, 2009

Canon has released a new version of the Digital Rebel - it's the T1i.

This comes only a year after a similar version (the Canon Digital Rebel XSi) was released.

So what's up?

Well, this one has video capabilities, as well as, something called Creative Auto.

The pricetag is similar to new Rebel releases - $899 which includes a 18-55mm IS Kit lens.

This is not a bad deal. In fact every Digital Rebel that Canon has released has been a good deal.

It's mainly because of the great product the Digital Rebel has been. This little entry level DSLR produces great photos. And now the sensor size is up to 15.1 megapixels!

But WAIT. Do you really want to take video footage with your DSLR?

Most folks buy a DSLR for the flexibility of lens choice and quality of still photos.

I have seen the video image quality of point and shoot cameras, and I have seen a video produced by the new Rebel T1i. It's OK, but it's definitely not Hollywood quality.

The price of the Digital Rebel XSi (in the $710 neighborhood) will save you almost $200. Image quality is just as good, and you get all the other features and controls you would get for the extra 200 bucks.

But, Oh, I forgot about the Creative Auto!

It turns out that Creative Auto is one of the features from compact point and shoot cameras that is not all that reliable. It's for those who don't want to learn how to use their camera to its fullest.

If you're buying a DSLR, I think you should learn to use it. (just my opinion)

So, I still would go with the Canon Digital Rebel SXi.

At least that's "the way eye see it".

Want more of a comparison? I thought so.

Here it is: Compare the Canon Digital Rebel XSi and T1i.

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