Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Digital Rebels - How Can I Decide?

There seems to be a ton of interest in the comparison of the newest Canon Rebel models.
So I thought I would weigh in again on the subject.

First, let me say that once you make your decision, no matter which camera you choose, you will not be disappointed. Both cameras record fantastic images.

If there is one thing that every reviewer agrees upon, it is the image quality of the Rebel matches or exceeds that of other entry level DSLR's.

But let's talk about Creative Auto. What is that?

Check out this nifty animation. I grabbed it from the Canon website. They have added a new setting on the selection wheel called "CA" - you guessed it - Creative Auto.

Here's how Canon describes it: "the Creative Auto mode — as the name suggests — lets the photographer apply the creative effects he or she wants, but in a friendly, automatic way that doesn’t force them to get into aperture numbers, exposure compensation numbers and so on."

Settings that are available to manipulate using Creative Auto include:
  • Background: Blurred <--> Sharp
  • Exposure: Darker <--> Brighter
  • Picture Style - Choose between “Standard”, “Smooth skin tones”, “Vivid blues and greens”, and Monochrome image”.
  • Image Quality - nothing new here, just easier to get to on the LCD screen
  • Drive Mode - single shot or continuous advance (up to 3.4frames per second), again, not new, just easier access
This feature has migrated to the Rebel T1i from the higher end cameras, the 5D and the 50D. One reviewer has mentioned that it helps newer photographers handle the camera.

So, while this is a nifty feature, is it worth the extra money (about $200) you have to pay for the new Rebel T1i over the not-so-old version, the Rebel XSi?

Other upgrades are a newer image processor - the DIGIC 4, and movie mode.

The DIGIC III in the Rebel XSi is still a very fine processor, and movie mode...

You have to decide whether you want to spend the extra money to get these features.

From my experience with the Canon Digital Rebel 300D (that's the original version from a few years back), the images were fantastic. Many photographers will tell you it's not the camera as much as who is holding the camera.

HERE is where I have added some other comparisons of the two Digital Rebels.

May the good photos be yours!

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