Friday, June 4, 2010

Canon Rebel T2i - Top Dog Among Entry Level Digital SLR Cameras

What's in your camera bag?

Is it the Canon Rebel T2i?

The burning question of the hour is this:

What do you want in a digital SLR camera?

With each new release in the Rebel line, Canon has raised the Digital SLR bar for entry level digital single lens reflex cameras. Now that the Canon Rebel T2i has been offered for a few months, the other makers must be huddled in their "war rooms" trying to figure out how they can compete with this awe-inspiring camera. This is good news for photographers everyplace, because photography equipment will be rising to new heights.

Back to the question at hand. What are you looking for? Here are just a few of the questions folks have come up with, and each question has the exact same answer - The Canon Rebel T2i.

Do you want great image quality?

Previous models have all had excellent image quality, but this one has raised the level to a higher notch, just about equal to cameras that are more than twice as much money. Even when bumping the ISO setting to the greatest levels, where image quality has been questionable in the past, this one delivers really high quality prints.

Do you want HD video?

This is the feature that first drew all the attention. HD video at 1024p and 24 or 30 frames per second is tops in the field, no matter how much money you invest in a digital SLR camera.

Lens choice has always been one of the main reasons for buying a DLSR. Is that yours?

We're talkin' SLR here. Choosing your lens is one of the reasons a photographer chooses this type of camera. With this unit, almost all Canon lenses will be suitable to attach, and many manufacturers such as Tamron and Sigma make lenses for it as well.

What about Live View? Is that what you want in a digital SLR?

The version of Live View in the Canon Rebel T2i is new and improved. You can use it for superior composition and control functions on the fly.

Do you want the all-around best Digital SLR the you can find for less than $1000?

Although individual views are simply that, views, the camera magazines and online review sites are pretty much unified in acclaiming the Canon T2i as the "Best Rebel Yet". Sub $1000 price is a real bargain for this awesome camera. Even though it is considered an entry level Digital SLR, it has the features set of cameras which are much more expensive.

Main point here: The Canon Rebel T2i delivers the goods.

So, I ask again, "What's in your camera bag?"

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