Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cheap Digital SLR - Pentax K-x vs Nikon D3000

Nikon D3000 vs Pentax K-x - Both are Cheap DSLRs
Are you looking for an entry-level digital SLR?

Pentax K-x vs Nikon D3000 makes a unique comparison.

What do you think?

Nikon has a fantastic reputation for producing quality digital SLRs. Thousands of photographers think about Nikon first. And the Nikon D3000 is competitively priced as an entry level digital SLR. Let me just throw out this question for you to consider - How much of the "value" of the D3000 is because of their huge marketing campaign?

Pentax seems to depend on just giving good quality and letting the product market itself. Well, not totally, but their marketing is nothing near what Nikon puts out.

So, how do these two entry-level digital SLRs really compare?

There are a few areas where the Pentax K-x dominates with respect to features and benefits:

  1. The first is that image stabilization is IN the camera. For Nikon, you have to purchase lenses with the VR (vibration reduction) technology. Lots of Nikon lenses are being produced with VR (vibration reduction), but many do not have it. However, with the Pentax, you can attach virtually any lens (even older ones - up to 40 years old), and you will have... image stabilization.
  2. Lenses - all Pentax lenses, even lenses made by other manufacturers for Pentax digital SLRs, work on a Pentax K-x. This is not true for the Nikon D3000. It seems like I just said this above, but there is another issue to consider. This has nothing to do with IS or VR. There is a group of lenses that are made for Nikon cameras like the D3000 that only work on the cameras that have a "crop" sensor. Basically, this means that if you eventually upgrade to a high end Nikon, you would have to replace some, or all, of your lenses for the higher end digital SLR Nikon camera.
  3. Video - Yes for Pentax, no for Nikon.
  4. Live View (this allows you to compose your images in the LCD panel in real time) - another no brainer - Yes for Pentax, No for Nikon.
  5. Price - advantage... neither. The price of each is very similar.

In what areas does the Nikon D3000 dominate the Pentax K-x?

Well, there is one. This one point is a point that many photographers think should have been included. It is Auto-Focus points. They are visible in the Nikon D3000 but not in the Pentax K-x. These AF points let the photographer see where the camera is setting its focus point. To some folks, this is very important.

In truth, the Pentax is more of a higher end entry-level DSLR than the Nikon D3000. The Nikon D5000 does have all the missing features that the D3000 does not have when compared to the Pentax. That all the features except the price. The D5000 is much more expensive.

For a side-by-side comparison of Pentax K-x vs Nikon D3000, CLICK HERE? The link will take you to 

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