Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canon Rebel T3 - Top Value In A Cheap DSLR

Cheap Digital SLR? The Canon Rebel T3 fits the description (and nearly everybody will agree). However, you still get high great value for your money, even though a second mortgage is not required to get one of these nifty little cameras.

The Rebel T3 (not to be confused with the Rebel T3i is an upgrade of the fiercely popular Canon XS. When buyers started getting the word out about the XS model, it started flying off the shelves in huge numbers. In fact, it is still number one on Amazon's best seller list!

This image of a flower taken by Jade with a Canon Rebel T3

Leon posted this photo of his beautiful dog.

Is Inexpensive An Indication Of Caliber?

Part of the reason for popularity was that a new camera owner could get outstanding quality at a low cost, and that without a large investment of time to learn about the camera. In this writer's judgment, if you take the exact same inexperienced photographer, someone who is just getting into digital SLR photography, and put a $600 (Canon T3) camera in their mits, then set a $2700 (Canon 7D) camera in their hands, the images will be alike in quality.

Different Digital SLR strokes for different folks.

It seems we have entered a new era - the era of digital photography. Nowadays, there are many more who are passionate about photography. Nature, concerts, family interests, sports, street journalism, and just about any interest you can think of are reasons for people to upgrade to digital slr cameras.

They want the best photos possible, therefore they are turning to digital SLRs. The most obvious choice for new photographers is an entry-level digital slr camera. Quality without complications (the complication of learning a new, high-powered camera system) is what they want.

The Canon T3 is maintaining the custom of the XS in that a raw camera user can begin shooting with this camera right out of the box and get the splendid pictures they wished for.

How is this camera better in terms of upgrades?

The Rebel T3 has better "stuff" than its older sibling. The key technology of digital SLRs is better by leaps and bounds. The new 12-megapixel CMOS (vs 10-megapixels) sensor has better quality, plain and simple. Another item is video. Everyone expects it and uses it in their camera. Add to that the oodles of creative additions to the camera software, and you have a much better camera for all aspects of camera use.

What about price?

Are you aware that there are many digital SLR cameras for less than $600? Cheap digital SLR cameras are produced by every major manufacturer. The satisfaction this Rebel T3 will bring can make many people content for lots of years. Yet, for others, their 1st cheap DSLR is just a starting point. If that is you, make certain you study the options for expansion, including lenses and equipment add-ons.

The Canon T3 is already becoming a favorite of new photographers in the Cheap Digital SLR category. It's definitely worth a look here:

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