Friday, June 10, 2011

Canon Rebel T3i VS T3 - Canon's Newest Entry-level DSLR Comparison

Rebel T3i - soccer action
Canon has two new beginner's Digital SLR cameras, and shoppers need to be aware that they are quite different in spite of the similarities in name. Differences between the Canon Rebel T3i and the Canon Rebel T3 are very obvious, even to the newest photographer.

In this report, we will look at the Canon Rebel T3i vs T3.

To start with a bit from the past, several years ago, there was a similar release when Canon produced the Rebel XSi along side the XS. Back then, as today, the only deviation was an itty-bitty "i". Entry-level Digital SLR camera buyers have been buying the Rebel XS in record numbers.

This is the reason the Rebel T3 isn't truly a rival of the T3i, rather it is an upgrade to the older XS, and it should be thought of as the most basic of Digital SLRs. It will unquestionably give the inexperienced entry-level camera buyer years of digital image gratification without all the extras of more sophisticated models.

Canon Rebel T3

Inside the T3, the hardware is just what you need to make those amazing images you've always dreamed of, despite the fact that this is not a feature-packed model. The missing bells and whistles won't be much of a concern to most first-time camera buyers anyway.

Here are just a few of the "included" features of the T3 that will make this a great camera choice:

1. The new and improved image sensor is plenty large enough at 12.2 megapixels. This is a major improvement over the Rebel XS in terms of size and quality.

2. Video ability has now been included which was not available in the XS. While it doesn't quite match up to the T3i, it is still a robust component of the T3 at HD 720p.

3. Creative options that allow for in-camera image enhancements such as "soft-focus" or "grainy black and white" plus a few more.

4. The new Feature Guide is yet another great new feature. The Feature Guide shows a short description of the selected feature, making it much easier to navigate to the setting you want.

Canon Rebel T3i w/ swivel LCD
Some of the features in the T3i that are not included in the T3:

1. An 18-megapixel CMOS image sensor
(the same one as in the more expensive 60D and 7D).

2. A 3" swivel LCD panel with better resolution, which is very handy for taking video and still shots from difficult angles.

3. If you are one who is looking for video, the T3i has a full 1080p video package with stereo sound and the capability of off-camera mic.

4. Continuous shooting for sports and action is much better at 3.7 fps, and it can store many more shots.

In general, the build quality is the same for both cameras. With respect to the difference between the T3 and the T3i sensor, you can get really large images from both with the same quality. In the end, your personal expectations for your DSLR will be the determining factor, along with your budget.

The Canon Rebel T3 is already becoming a favorite of new photographers in the Cheap Digital SLR category.
You will want see a much better side-by-side comparison of the Canon Rebel T3i VS T3 before you make your final choice. It is available at

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