Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Better Photos From Better Cameras – Digital SLR Cameras For New Photographers

New Photographers of all ages are
getting mid-range DSLR cameras
Digital single lens reflex cameras (aka DSLR) are the newest rage in photography. While they have always been the choice of professionals, recent camera buyers are choosing these types of cameras much more frequently. All major manufacturers have models available, but the most popular brands are Nikon and Canon. Mid-range DSLR cameras can be purchased for about $1500. This is a real bargain when you consider prices only a few years ago were much higher. Right now, you can get one of the budget models for about $600.

How Many Megapixels?

If you have followed the trends in digital photography, you know that the size of image sensors has found a happy medium after a few years of intense competition, starting at 6-megapixels and increasing to the present day 14-18 megapixel sensors. Currently, if you get a camera with a 14-megapixel sensor, you will have plenty of “pixel-power” to produce images of the finest quality at just about any size for hanging on your wall.

In addition, features and settings have improved tremendously. Video is now a common feature and it usually comes with stereo sound and full HD quality. There are creative features and additional mode settings so that you can choose a photo style that will give you a finished photo with a professional look. This simply means that you can shoot your pictures and practically eliminate the post processing that was previously needed to get your images to wow your audiences.

Lens Choice

Lizard shot with Sigma 105 Macro Lens for Canon
Of course, the one thing that most new buyers state as their top reason for buying a mid-range DSLR camera is the flexibility that comes with interchangeable lenses. Lens choice can make a night-and-day difference in the outcome of a photo shoot. If you want to take more professional looking portraits, you can choose a lens just for that purpose. If, on the other hand, your goal is to get much better at nature photography, you would choose a different lens. The beauty is that the lenses go on the same camera. It is true that the lenses can actually cost as much or more than the unit you attach them to, but even if you can’t afford the biggest and best at first, you can build your kit as time goes on. And if you discover at a later time that macro photography is the way you want to go, again, the macro lens is all you need.

You may wonder if getting a lens that is more expensive than the camera is a good investment. The answer is, yes. This is a decision you will have to make as your skills develop. But experts agree that the lens is as important as the camera.

And the most important of all is the one who is holding all this fabulous equipment. You will have to develop your knowledge and skill to reach your goal of taking better pictures. If you don’t study and practice, you may as well just keep taking pictures with your old point and shoot model or your cell phone.

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